The Why behind fitness

  • Posted on: 20 September 2013
  • By: admin

In the major cities across India, chains of gyms are popping up like mushrooms. Needless to say health consciousness among the people of India has grown to a significant extent.
Athletes and people in the showbiz have no choice but to manage the shape of their body and their fitness levels. Interestingly people very distant from these streams of work are taking equal interest which according to Kumar, one of the most sought after fitness experts in India is essential.

Here is the why behind it-

Rapid urbanization has affected the way people live in India. With all the technological advances and business relations with different world time zones, the diet and sleeping habits have been affected significantly. These changes affecting the human health condition are termed as lifestyle diseases. Diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis, muscle degeneration are some of them.
All these undesirable health conditions can be managed with regular exercise and proper diet and sleep.

Quality of diet:
Quality of food available in the stores and markets has been degrading with time due to soil and water pollution caused by fertilizers, genetic modifications and commercial food storage practices. This dip in the quality has also affected the human health conditions.
While consumption of organic food positively addresses this issue, reversing the effects of the poor quality diet habits of the past requires adequate physical activity. Regular exercise helps body detoxify and stimulate the production of positive chemicals like endorphins which enhance the immune system.

Changes in the economic conditions of the country have resulted in changes in the work environment as well. Majority of the urban population spends the best part of the day indoors with inadequate levels of physical activity and high levels of stress. For normal functioning and release of the stress build up, human body requires moderate levels of physical activity, the absence of which many lifestyle related health conditions arise.
A good fitness routine has known to help the human body release stress and enhance the health and wellbeing. Release of positive chemicals like endorphins and release of adequate amounts of hormones counter the effects of stress and toxins that cause depression and many aspects concerning the mental and sexual health making fitness an essential component in balancing work and family life.

Just like a well-known quote says “look good feel great that enhances your performance”, irregularities in the appearance of body are known to affect the confidence levels in many adults and adolescents often hindering social growth.
Good exercise helps tackle obesity and other issues relating to the posture. Fast reflexes and increase in memory power which are quite essential to excel at work are an addition to what a good fitness routine offers.

Keeping all these negatives away, you can truly get the best out of life. A disciplined routine improves the way you see yourself charging you up for the life ahead.

-Article submitted by Kumar Mannava, India’s first Physique Elite Certified Master Trainer.