Few Reminders When You Are Looking To Quit Smoking

  • Posted on: 19 November 2013
  • By: admin

Few reminders when you are looking to quit smoking

Every year, tobacco kills more people than any other substance in the world. However while there is a rise in tobacco consumers every year, there continues to be a fairly significant rise in the number of people attempting to quit smoking.

Nicotine addiction is real

For some young people, smoking makes them feel cooler or older and for some it is a physical need which develops into a habit. The physical need is the hardest one to break and it is viewed as the addiction part of smoking. The buzz from nicotine is within seconds- much faster than even heroin and this is a key fact in the difficulty with quitting tobacco. Smokers naturally adjust their bodies without even thinking about it. The human body responds to the presence of nicotine and naturally feels like something is missing when it’s taken away. Like heroin, nicotine poses tremendous physical and mental hardships when quitting.

Seek support

You don’t have to take the whole task all by yourself. Getting support from family and friends increases your chances to success. Family members of the person who is trying to can play a supportive role in encouraging and promoting the benefits of healthy life free of tobacco. They can assist in dealing with withdrawals like impatience, restlessness, anxiety, frustration, even depression which often promote the temptation to light a quick one.

Make an action plan

Think of all the reasons why you want to quit smoking and also think of the reasons why you want to smoke. Put them on a paper against each other. In view of comparison, you will realize that you have more benefits quitting smoking than by continuing to smoke.

With your healthcare provider, put together a plan that will help you quit smoking without affecting your daily activity. Your healthcare provider will be able to better understand your level of addiction and provide insight on what to expect in the days to come and how to correctly deal with them.

Review your list of reasons why you want to quit on a regular basis and follow up with the action plan.

Consider alternatives

There are quite a few nicotine replacement products in the form of lozenges, chewing gums and patches etc. which help break the habit of smoking. Consult your healthcare provider for an appropriate option to help with your condition.

Avoid and manage stress

Stress plays a crucial role in triggering your habit of smoking back up again. To quit smoking and to continue to stay quit, effective stress management plays a crucial role. Find ways to de-stress. Work on developing positive relationships that promote your wellbeing. Hobbies create a good medium to divert your attention onto positive things. Exercise not only enhances your wellbeing, the surge of positive chemicals released due to it help deal with stress and repair of your body.

Build positive relationships

Attitudes are contagious. Connecting and interacting with people pursuing the positive aspects of life energises you as you take life on a daily basis. Surrounding yourself with people who are still smoking might bring down your chances at success. It might be hard to distance your good friends .but can prove to be a necessary evil.

Provide support to people who are working on quitting just like you. Encouraging one another strengthens your relationship while reinstating your commitment to stay quit. While winning is a team effort, in this circumstance so is quitting .

Don’t Wait – Initiate

Above all, for a positive impact on your life that can result out of quitting smoking requires initiation from your end. Make a decision today to change your life for a better tomorrow. Remember this is that one case where the quitter is actually the winner.

Article by Sai Praveen Haranath, Consultant Intensivist and Pulmonologist